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  • Companies advertising for Pride vs. actually being allies to the community

  • As with other marginalized groups, once LGBTQ+ people gain (some) rights, capitalism aims to co-opt identities into lifestyles that can be marketed and sold

  • We should celebrate and define sexuality on our own terms, not by what products and identities the market sells us!

We reject rainbow capitalism. We fight for queer liberation and economic justice.


The Stonewall rebellion was a visible moment in a long history of violent oppression of queer people at the hands of the state. In a capitalist system, such violence disproportionately affects the most vulnerable members of our community: people of color, trans people, incarcerated and detained people, and the poorest in our society.
Like racism and sexism, oppression of sexual and gender minorities divides the working class, creating material and ideological barriers to what is truly a joint struggle for liberation.
The material abuses LGBTQIA+ people experience include: employment discrimination, disparate access to and outcomes of healthcare, disparate access to housing, police violence, and the loss of queer space not organized around economic exchange.

Rosies, as intersectional feminists we must remember...

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