New Rosies have a chance to hear about the various committees and their weekly meeting times before choosing preferences. Top choices aren't guaranteed, but we make every effort to place Rosies on committees that work with their class/work schedules!

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Executive: Andrea Salazar

The Fundraising Committee is in charge of raising money for Rosies through profit shares, bake sales, and creative member-driven projects such as a pop-up thrift store and our "Pie-a-Feminist" event.



Executive: Janhvi Babaria

The Sisterhood Committee is in charge of creating opportunities for our Rosies to bond and helps to foster familiarity and personal connections among the women within the org.  They plan events like movie nights, game nights, holiday parties and road trips.



Executive: Cayman Raemsch

The Service Committee is in charge of finding opportunities to give back to the B/CS community, which involves organizing service projects such as volunteering with local women shelters and coordinating teams for Aggie Replant and Big Event.


Public Relations

Executive: Ariana Trevino

The Public Relations Committee is in charge of social outreach, which includes maintaining our social media pages and creating and designing Rosies apparel. This past year, the PR Committee also organized outreach projects for World Positivity Day and International Women's Day.



Executive: Caitlyn Flores

The Philanthropy Committee is in charge of raising awareness and raising money for our philanthropy focus Days For Girls, an organization that prepares and distributes sustainable menstrual health solutions to girls who would otherwise miss school during their monthly periods.



Executive: Shelby Moreno

The Socials Committee is in charge of all events open to non-members such as formal, crush parties, and casual. Their past events include a self-defense class social, valentines day party social, pool party social, Fall semi-formal, and Spring formal.



Executive: Brooke Schwartzhoff

The Recruitment Committee is in charge of handling all recruitment planning, such as MSC Open House, bannering, recruitment socials, and informationals to welcome the new Rosies. This is a partial-semester committee that is active only during the summer, early fall semester, and during recruitment.