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Member Testimonial

Last Spring I took the semester off for mental health reasons. However, I still wanted to be involved someway, so I went to the MSC Open House, where I learned about Rosies. I’m not the most social person so I was a little scared to join a social org. What made me love Rosies was how inclusive they were and how they wanted to get to know me. I’m a huge feminist so I enjoyed getting to know other women who share the same passion as I. My favorite memory with Rosie’s so far was our trip to Port Arthur where we helped clean up a beach. We made burgers and even watched a documentary on women’s pleasure (haha). It was just amazing to be around women who foster such a safe space and don’t push you to do anything you’re not comfortable with.

Rosies has helped me branch out and has helped me get to know other women with similar values as I. I work full time and am a part time graduate student, so you can imagine how hectic my schedule can get. However, Rosie’s is something I’m willing to make time for. They never fail to brighten up my day. I love this organization and I wish I would’ve joined sooner!

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