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Member Testimonial

When I was a freshman I was really worried about not being able to find my place on

campus. Since I joined during the fall of 2020 – or COVID year – I was especially concerned

that I would have a hard time making friends. I decided I wanted to put myself out there and

find organizations that I might want to join. I looked on the TAMU website to see the full

list of potential organizations I could join. I remember sitting at my desk writing down every

single one that seemed interesting to me, which ended up being a longer list than I was

originally imagining. I recall seeing lots of different women’s organizations. Even in the sea

of options I had, I distinctly remember looking at the Rosie's page for the first time. It

seemed cool and I thought to myself that it might be one to look at further.

Once I figured it couldn’t hurt to just apply, I decided to look at the application. The

second I saw that the first question on the application was a BuzzFeed quiz, I knew that the

Rosie’s were my kind of people. I remember being so excited to attend the informationals

that I actually showed up early and was the first recruit to get on the zoom call. Although

this made it a bit awkward at first, I ended up not regretting it because I was able to talk

with the execs for a minute before the official informational began, which made me feel

more confident in my decision to apply to the organization. Once I got to meet everyone and see what Rosie’s was all about, I knew it would be a great experience. I remember being

nervous and shy attending my first meetings and events, but all of the members were so

welcoming and kind that I instantly fell in love with everyone.

Ever since joining, I have never once doubted my choice. In fact, with every year that

has passed, my time in Rosie’s has only gotten better. I’ve not only been able to bond with

other members, but I know I’ve made some lifelong friendships as well. In all honesty, if it

weren’t for the Rosie’s, I think I would have seriously considered transferring universities.

Coming to a school where the majority of the students and faculty are men who don’t

particularly see the world the same way I do, I was truly afraid I wouldn’t enjoy my time at

A&M. Although, now that I have found my home on campus, I no longer feel that way.

Instead, I have bonded with other people who share similar values, interests, and passions as

I do. I get to go to school everyday knowing I’m going to have a friend nearby. I have security knowing that if I ever need someone to talk to that I have the best pick of girls to do that with. Best of all, however, is that I get to have pride knowing that I’m representing such a

strong and amazing group of people. Rosie’s is definitely one of the best opportunities that I

have had the great fortune of being able to experience. If I go on through life regretting

some of my decisions, I can know, without a doubt, that being a part of Rosie’s was not one

of them.

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