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Rosies, formerly known as Aggie Riveters, is an inclusive women’s* organization at Texas A&M created for the modern Aggie: proud feminists, aspiring academics, and avid adventurers. Our main mission is to incorporate our three pillars - compassion, courage, and character - into ourselves and the community around us. Since our start in the Spring of 2016, Riveters has strived to support, empower, and create a strong network for the modern college woman.
We pride ourselves on strength of character. Honesty and integrity are values we strive to represent while exhibiting feminism in an authentic and inclusive way.
Rosies is a support system for women across the A&M campus. We build each other up and value every woman, everywhere.
Rosies endeavors to empower all of our members to have strength no matter the obstacle, and encourages fellow women to be strong and independent.

Our Pillars

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A note on what feminism means to Rosies


*We strongly believe in intersectional feminism, especially in light of the fact that mainstream feminist movements have often excluded the women most hurt by society. We believe that to be a true advocate for women, one must be willing to advocate for women from all backgrounds. Rosies welcomes multiple gender identities to apply, such as those who are non-binary, and you do not need to be fem-presenting to join.*

Maya Angelou

Poet, Activist, Memoirist

"I am a woman / Phenomenally / Phenomenal woman / That's me."

Marsha P Johnson

Gay Liberation Activist

"You never completely have your rights, one person, until you all have your rights."

 Ijeoma Oluo

Best-selling author 

“Intersectionality and the recognition and confrontation of our privilege, can make us better people with better lives.”

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